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"Peter listens to the needs of my family and provides advice that allows us to make comfortable decisions about our future."

— Jimmie Lee

For Individuals & Families

You wouldn’t take a trip, start a renovation, or even throw a party without a plan.  When it comes to achieving your financial goals a plan is crucial.

Our planning process creates a roadmap for families and individuals.  This makes sure you’re doing what you need to reach your goals.  Regular reviews ensure you’re still on track.

Building Your Wealth
Saving, investing, cashflow, and paying off debt are all important elements in achieving your financial goals.  We’ll examine all of these aspects in helping you build your personal wealth.

Enjoying Your Retirement
Your money has to last you through retirement.  We’ll work to develop a plan that aims to provide you with consistent, reliable income in your retirement.

Minimizing Your Risks
There are many events that could put the best-laid financial plans in jeopardy. Unexpected illness, disability, or even death can throw your plans into disarray.  We will help identify those risks and offer solutions to minimize their impact.

Protecting Your Legacy
After working hard to build your wealth, you want to make sure it lives on after you’re gone.  We can help create a plan that will help pass your wealth along, whether it’s to your children, grandchildren, or a cause that’s close to your heart.

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For Small Business

As small business people we know exactly how hard it can be to get ahead.  Let us give you a hand with the small business services and solutions we have to offer.

Attracting and Keeping Good Employees
Good employees are like gold.  We can help you attract and retain them by offering a wide range of employee benefits.  From group savings & investments, to disability and health & dental benefits, we will work with our insurance partners to find the best fit for your employees.

Putting Your Money to Work
Your business’ money earns next to nothing sitting in a chequing account.  We offer a wide variety of solutions, from High Interest Bank Accounts to investment funds, that will put your money to work for your business.

We may also be able to help make your business’ cashflow simpler and more flexible.

Minimizing the Risks To Your Business
Small businesses are exposed to all sorts of risks.  If a key employee becomes sick and unable to work an entire business could be in jeopardy.  If a business partner passes away, company resources could be tied up with Estate issues.  We’ll help you identify those risks and put in place strategies to minimize their impact.

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