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Life Insurance

Life Insurance
Life insurance in a vital part of most financial plans. It can protect a family from the financial burdens caused by death. Not only can it be used to pay off outstanding debt, but it can be just as important in replacing a lost income for the family or business.

Furthermore, insurance is an important Estate planning tool, allowing wealth to pass from one generation to the next.

How much insurance do I need?
Use Transamerica’s LifeScripter calculator to determine how much insurance coverage you need for your family.


What types of life insurance are there?
There are three basic types of life insurance. They are:
This is typically the most inexpensive type of life insurance. However the cost does increase as you get older and it does expire.

Whole Life
This is a permanent insurance plan that allows you to grow cash value and/or death benefit.

Universal Life
A permanent insurance plan, Universal Life also allows you to make tax-sheltered investments within the policy.

Our Insurance Partners

We offer insurance solutions from over a dozen major insurance companies, so we can shop around to provide our clients with the most appropriate coverage at the best price.