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Every individual or family is different. They have different needs that require different solutions.

At Kearns Financial Inc. we are pleased to provide a wide array of investment options for your RRSPs, RRIFs/LIFs, TFSAs, RESPs, or any other investment needs you may have.

See how we can help your savings last.

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Mutual Funds
Please see our Mutual Funds page for more information.

Segregated Funds
Segregated funds offer guaranteed death benefits that can help with Estate planning as well as offering protection from creditors.

Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal products
Offering a guaranteed income for life with the chance for growth, GMWBs can be a solution for people looking to protect their retirement income from the ups and downs of the market.

We offer a broad range of GIC options from leading insurance companies, Trust companies, and banks.

Insurance annuities provide a stable, predictable income stream that will never run out during your lifetime. We offer competitive annuities from over a dozen insurance companies.

Investment loans
Investment loans and RRSP catch-up loans are available through our referral arrangement with Manulife Bank.